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Spa Refresh


One of the corner bucket seats in the Refresh Spa has been upgraded with rotational jets. The rotational jets enhance the hydrotherapy experience, massaging key muscles in the back and stimulating the surrounding tissue. The other corner seat has been updated with an adjustable vibrating massage jet, providing an alternative type of massage therapy. Passion Spas has collaborated with professionals from the recliner industry to create the ultimate in lumbar support and comfort, which has led to an enhancement in the lounge seat. Small AquaRolling jets have been installed in the leg contours of the loungers, creating a massage that stimulates circulation in the direction of the heart. Of course, the many standard features you have come to appreciate in the Refresh Spa remain. These include Hybrid Heating™, Energy Efficient Filtration Pump, BioLok, Ozone Sanitation, Aromatherapy, and much more.